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Chuck recently released two new complete tapes via Soundcloud one being titled Nostalgic and the other being The Spittah Project. After listening and noticing his creative, nonchalant and intriguing style; I wanted to know as much I could about the artist.

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How/Why did you come up with your stage name?


Honestly it came to me in a dream, I was writing, fell asleep. then woke up and said fuck it I’m chuckthespittah. why? because chuck spits that nasty shit and chuckthespittah is a nasty name.


Where are you from?

Shit, I’m from Baltimore, Maryland.


How old are you?

17 swagg swagg


Any hobbies or past times?

Uhh not really, if I’m not writing I’m eating, beating on john, or playing my game.


How do you go about the creative process of making your music/art?


Well I just tune everything out. when I’m writing it’s silent as fuck, or sometimes I’ll light a candle and turn my lights off that shit feels so right. Plus its scented.


Where do you enjoy making your work most?


Shit. my room, just because that’s where i do most of my bullshit and i never leave the house.


What’s your favorite piece of work of all?


Umm that’s hard as fuck but i’ll have to go with NOSTALGIC. Only because it was so fucking pure.



Does your music remind you of anything (memories, places, etc) ever?


My music reminds me of 2008 I don’t know why but it does.


Who inspires you and your style?


Tyler because I always wanted the life he had.


What is your purpose of making this tape?


The purpose of this tape is to take over the sounds of sounds. I called it Nostalgic because the beats are so nostalgic. I eat subs too.


What do you want your listeners to take away after listening?


I want my listeners to really know who i am, what i go thru, why i love to rap, and to make your own fucking sound.


What do you have panned for the near future?


Well, we got some shows we’re setting up, me and my group (subs) working on our group tape now, and uhh just being as cool as everybody in the planet.


— Anything else you want to add or talk about?


Yes nigga I wanna say shouts out to Ariq for being a real ass nigga plus he likes my shit. shouts out to subs shouts out to hoodrich shouts out Nyze and Ray and the whole casts. and I have a video coming real soon. Well probably later, yeah that’s it. Thanks Nixon.

INSTAGRAM @chuckthespittah
TWITTER @thatfuckerchuck


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